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To buy and sale guideline

Step 1

Arrange time to meet with an EBR real estate agent at the EBR office
The meeting is very important for you to shave your time with a professional agent. The agency will compare the values which have been transectioned. EBR agents know of real property without any concerning illegals property and hand over into transferring into your property ownership. You have to tell your agent clearly of your budget to buy or to rent including deposit and finance payment.

Step 2
2 Let EBR agent know all your requirements

You need to tell EBR agent all of your requirements what you want to rent or sales with clarification of location, Budget to buy or your budget to rent also how long you want to rent Suck amenities and facilities. After that EBR agent will review the properties and they let you knew in shortly

Step 3
Side inspection the properties with your agent

EBR agent will arrange some properties through your budget and your requirements
at the same time for you to see and compare the property values and locatio

Step 4 You found your property in dream
EBR agent negotiates with seller to get offer from the seller. Agents have experience in negotiation and they try all their best to negotiate with a compromise solution.
The both side seller and buyer get points
This step you need to make decide and offer including financing arrangement, deposit plan and you may need lawyer to prepare you buying & sales agreement, however, EBR is offer complementary it for you

Step 5 Payment term & Condition
Rental deposit condition

   Apartment rental deposit 1-2month of rental fee plus advance one month
   House rental deposit from 2-3month of rental fee plus advance one month
   Commercial building deposit from 6-12month it is depend…

Buying  deposit condition
   Step one is you have to make a booking deposit
   Step two you should make a deposit 20-30% of buyer amount including booking deposit
   Step three you need to pay the last amount 50% when you see that property completed transfer into your name. At this time the EBR agent will ask the owner to see the real paper and make a copy to you. You have to make the final payment within 7 of the working day.
All above information is it a normal deal some case it’s depend on negotiation  

Secure payment
 All payment steps must get signed on an official receipt that is prepared by EBR or by your lawyer. Also we like to recommend you to discuss with the seller to pay by escrow account.  Escrow account is the most secure payment both seller and buyer side. Please click on here (…Link…. What is the meaning of an escrow account?